HypnoToad. A hypnotic toad with a droning sounds inside background definitely unusually comforting.

HypnoToad. A hypnotic toad with a droning sounds inside background definitely unusually comforting.

Could this toad hypnotise your into quitting cigarette smoking or conquering a phobia? Most likely not.

The Nicest Put On The Online World

An understanding close site with lots of nice men waving at your. All great and civilised. Unlike real world.

Limmy. – Swearing Xylophone

Limmy are a comedian from Glasgow, Scotland. He’s additionally a really clever electronic designer possesses created and constructed some most revolutionary and funny electronic / entertaining artworks. This one is actually a xylophone which very very most rude! NSFW. When you do hear they at your workplace, make sure you have your earphones on. do not try to let young kids use they often! LOL!


This web site scrapes Twitter and shows the amount of circumstances a tweet has a homophobic word in it. It’s objective would be to highlight the utilization of homophobic language within on a daily basis talks.


Travel the planet to far-flung spots with just a simply click of mouse. That knows in which these spots is. Click on the go button and you’ll be moved to haphazard street opinions all over the world.


Whenever one thing happens badly completely wrong in the office or even in every other aspect of lifetime and also you feel just like shouting at the top of your own sound, next believe secure into the insights that you have a reference which enables one press a switch to get immediate rest from your own discomfort or concerns without folks thinking that you’ve missing the plot entirely. Head over to go to nooooooooooooooo. , pop on your own earphones, and hit that bluish button as often whilst become in shape to take action. Darth Vader will perform the task of yelling obtainable.


Another joker enjoys arranged a website promoting the fact that the guy appears to be Barak Obama. The guy generally “Trevor” reckons the guy seems the spitting image the ex-president in the usa.

Best little this web site is where he clarifies the difference between him and Barak. Have a look. The chap was a comedy wizard. Well done, but you are site is quite unusual and somewhat worthless.


This really is a tremendously odd site for many individuals, but if you’re a zombie enthusiast, zombie survivalist, zombie prepper or maybe just a plain zombie nut, you will like this dedicated zombie internet dating and social network webpages. Whom requires the traditional adult dating sites when you have this very niche zombie prefer fest just a couple of presses out!


There’s absolutely nothing a lot to this webpages besides a very tiny FB like option. And yes, over 300k individuals have preferred these pages.


What better method to blow a few hours you will ever have than checking out two very provocatively lookin corn canines while hearing some dirty 70s adult movie audio.

Electrical Boogie-woogie

A rather odd web site definitely simply an animated version of Mondrian’s ‘Broadway Boogie Woogie’

Nothing more, nothing much less.


Simply tons and loads of terribly animated corgi canines. Cool.


Particular states exactly what it really does from the tin!


Are interested to buy something both weird or perplexing? Yes? Well simply click regarding the “please switch” and it’ll elevates to a weird item available to acquire on ebay or amazon.

Here’s a good example of what’s being offered…



This might be the second corndog appropriate odd internet site listed in this short article. If corndogs were their thing after that this great site will flick your own changes. It’s literally simply a load of corndogs dropping from air.


A weird eel tantan type animal that moves erratically once you put your cursor on it. There’s also some freaky, psychedelic backgrounds too, which can ben’t fantastic should you suffer from epilepsy. Crazy level: 10.


A very odd internet site which includes a cheerful pink cube that positions alone toward wherever you devote your mouse.

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